In collaboration with A Ballsy Sense of Tumor and Lacuna Loft

At the end of last year, Justin, founder of ABSOT, teacher by day, writer by night, began hosting our year long How to Tell Your Story AppChat. Once a month, he would go through a host of different techniques, themes, and recommended guidelines. The GRYT community graciously listened, participated and brainstormed together. Then another month would past and the cycle of learning the how tos would refresh. It was an amazing series, and our first real AppChat that we debuted. The shame of it was, not a whole lot of writing was ever done, which was purely unintentional.

There have been many studies exploring how helpful and wonderful writing can be. Psychology Today, states:

“Across many experiments, people experience a positive effect from employing expressive writing to cope with difficult life experiences. Even though a traumatic or grievous experience comes crashing into one’s life unbidden, through writing, one can shape and explore the difficulty. Writing takes time. Taking time to write of one’s own life experience provides a way to respect, hone and understand the trauma or loss. We dignify our lives by taking seriously, in writing, the unwanted experience. We can make meaning of tragedy. Simply writing emotively, without telling a story, is not effective. Creating a narrative helps one write with authority in the face of unwanted change.”¹

So we brainstormed on how we could get more people involved, get more writing done, and how to help guide our community members in this new endeavor. It only made sense to transition How to Tell Your Story into a writing group. With the help our our nonprofit partner, Lacuna Loft, (check out their amazing writing program, Unspoken Ink), our awesome moderator, Justin, and Gryt’s platform, we know the only limits the GRYT Writing Group has is ones participants choose to enable.

The Deets.

Enter the start of a new year, new page, new chatroom. Beginning January 4th, on the Stupid Cancer app, among the various chatrooms you will be able to find a sparkling new one, the GRYT Writing Group Chatroom.

Once a week, on Friday mornings, in the chatroom, you will find a new writing prompt. In collaboration,with Lacuna Loft and A Ballsy Sense of Tumor, along with GRYT Health, there will be a rotating authorship of writing prompts. Each week is guaranteed to be different.

Read the prompt, ponder on it, then leave your paragraph, or two, or five- whatever your heart desires, in the chatroom to share it among your fellow community members. We’ve laid down the foundation for a safe, inclusive environment. All that’s left for you to do is to get your creative process on!

Not sure where to start? Feeling intimidated by the blinking cursor on your screen? Starting on the third Thursday of every month, join Justin for a new AppChat, GRYT Writing Night. You can chat with others, brainstorm, and get the creative juices flowing for that week’s writing prompt. Can’t make it? The writing prompt from the AppChat the night before will be posted in the GRYT Writing Group Chatroom the next morning.

GRYT Writing Group Guidelines:

  • Anyone that is part of the GRYT Community can participate, whether you think you are a writer or not.
  • Respond to the writing and not the writer.
  • Be sensitive and respectful.
  • All work is assumed to be fictional.
  • If you aren’t given the information in the writing piece, you aren’t privy to it. Be conscious of boundaries.
  • Feel free to direct message one another, by tapping on a user’s avatar, but the chatroom’s use is first and foremost for leaving writing pieces and commenting on them.
  • It’s ok to suggest edits, but be constructive with your criticism.

2019 is destined to be an epic year. So hop on board and follow along with us as we write our way through a new adventure together.


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