David Aleksandrowicz

Chief Information Officer

Matthew Berner

Frontend Web Developer

Christian Bullock

Director of Digital Strategy

Rachel Byrd

Research Coordinator

Chris Chamars

Programs and Partnership Specialist

Megan-Claire Chase

Partnership Director

Dave Craig

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Darcy Flora, PhD

Chief Research Officer

Leah Hennessey

Marketing Manager

Kenny Kane

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Lauren Lastauskas

Program Director

Brad Love, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer

Shelley Nolden

Co-Founder & Chair

Nichole Owens

Chief Marketing Officer

Dan Platt, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Sam Schneider

Senior Research Coordinator

Eileen Shannon

Vice President, Client Relations

Ben Valence

Front End Developer-Event Project Lead

Jess Valence

Vice President, Team Operations