2019 Annual GlobalVirtual Cancer Conference“Everyone’s Experience Matters”

Oct. 5, 2019


Traditionally, cancer care-related decisions have been made without fully considering the patient and caregiver perspectives. They are looking to bring their experience and knowledge of their own disease to influence not just their personal treatment decisions, but the broader arena of cancer care.

This movement, along with new technology, new drugs, and new thinking are revolutionizing possibilities in cancer care. Healthcare decision-making cannot be left to professionals alone. Each of us must play our part in improving outcomes for a better future.

This is why we created GVCC19. For the first time, we will bring together the collective voices of patients, survivors, caregivers, non-profits, healthcare providers, hospital systems and biotech/pharma professionals from across the globe for the largest ever, global virtual cancer conference – hosted on the GRYT digital platform.

Together, we will work towards solving the most pressing problems facing people affected by cancer and expanding the dialogue around how we can create a new paradigm of trust and respect – where everyone’s ideas and experiences matter.


  • Engage without the expense and hassle of travel
  • Network and collaborate with GRYT’s community and leading oncology thought leaders from around the world
  • Experience powerful education, innovation and connection


We will address topics critical to improving cancer-related outcomes and experiences :

  • Patient-Focused Drug Development
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Patient Engagement and Digital Health
  • Equality in Culture of Care
  • Societal Challenges
  • Access & Policy
  • Psychosocial & Behavioral Issues
  • Caregivers & Parents of AYA
  • Advocacy & Non-Profits
  • Healthcare Providers and Allied Health
  • Authors & Poets
  • Cancer Rehabilitation


GVCC19 will be hosted on the GRYT app and a desktop virtual platform for a full day of live, interactive programming. Sessions and tracks will have their own dedicated forums or “chatrooms.”GVCC19 will feature a virtual exhibit hall as well as a clinical trial  ”recruitment fair” dedicated to connecting patients to relevant trial information.GVCC19 offers a way for everyone to participate in and enjoy the same benefits of a physical conference, without the travel and expense.