Be a part of the collective voice

Be a part of the collective voice

Be a part of the collective voice

Be a part of the collective voice

Introducing... The GRYT Project! Make healthcare, care.

This new program is a way for you to be part of the collective voice. Join the list with hundreds of others and be the first to learn about our new project opportunities!

Our research projects are always opt-in. We will notify you when you may be eligible to participate, and only when you choose to opt-in, will your participation be included in our efforts to improve care for cancer patients.

You won’t have to worry about missing out on new project opportunities because those registered for The GRYT Project will be the first to be notified of possible eligibility.

Questions? See our FAQ below for more information!

Active GRYT Projects

Current study alert! We are looking for newly diagnosed cancer patients to participate in an online, compensated study. Click here to view details on how sharing your newly diagnosed experience can help the lives of patients.

Did you ever think about bone health during your cancer diagnosis or treatment? Answer our questionnaire with your experience, get compensated, and help improve bone health education.

This survey is open for current metastatic breast, metastatic lung, multiple myeloma, or metastatic prostate cancer patients or those 3 or less years into survivorship.

Email us at for more project information and/or to participate.

What Our Participants Are Saying

It's amazing what a 90-minute conversation with other longterm survivors can do for your heart.

-Vanessa H.

Thank you for sharing the opportunity, and clearly stating intentions and use. :)

-Amanda R.


How does me participating influence anything?

GRYT fully believes in the power of the patient and caregiver voice. Together, we can influence the future of oncology. Our projects always focus around compiling information that can better influence the outcome of today’s oncology measures. With your help, we can change the way healthcare cares.

What happens to my data when I participate?

GRYT never sells your data without your permission. The research projects you agree to participate in are in collaboration with other organizations, companies, or entities and will be on a case by case basis. There will always be full transparency with who we are working with and what the purpose of the data collection is. 

Will I find out the results of the project I participated in?

GRYT will always do our best to provide feedback to participants from projects that we facilitate.

Will I be included in all projects?

Each research project has its own unique parameters and while you may be qualified for one, that does not guarantee entry into all of our collaborations. We will notify you by email of all projects that you may be eligible for with the email address you signed up with.

When will I hear from you?

Our research projects are conducted throughout the year. The projects available will vary from month to month. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how often you will be eligible to participate within a given year. Make sure to add to your address book to avoid our emails going to spam!

Can I participate in more than one?

Yes! Absolutely! We will always notify you if you might be eligible in our research. As long as you meet the project requirements, you are eligible to participate, even if that means participating in overlapping projects.

Are all projects compensated?

While we try very hard to make sure we can compensate as much and as often as we can, not all of our projects are compensated. Sometimes our partners have very limited resources and the best we can offer is feedback results. You will know which projects are compensated and which are not, upfront--prior to opting in.